The Odd Couple

by floatingalittle

I have a highly specific childhood memory that, unsurprisingly, involves food:

One quiet Saturday afternoon, I was watching Sailor Moon with the desperate envy of any tween girl—after all, Tuxedo Mask was a complete hunk and I was a slave to my then-raging hormones. During that one particular episode, Serena, the main character, sat down to lunch with Mercury and Mars (my favourite Sailor!), and started eating a delicate triangular-shaped sandwich.

In that moment, my world stopped. I had no idea what Serena’s foodstuff was called—and sadly, without the advent of Internet, wouldn’t for years—but I knew I wanted it. Looking down at my sloppy, microwaved cheese bagel—a sad excuse for a meal if ever there was one—I thought, “I’ll never love lunch again until I know what that triangular masterpiece is, and until it’s resting tastefully on my plate.”

Today, ladies and gentlemen, was that day. I fell back in love with lunch and it was a beautiful thing. Triangle Kimbap—as the masterpiece is commonly called—was every bit as novel, delicious and fun to open as I’d dreamed. I savoured every moment of its existence before finishing and immediately anticipating the next (which I will have tomorrow…and the next day).

How will this love story end, you ask? Happily and deliciously, is my guess. Relationships are nothing without dedication, and when it comes to food, you can count on me day or night. Just call my name, Triangle Kimbap, and I’ll be there.